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Terms & Conditions

All buyers and purchasers please read and agree with all the terms and condions below before placing order.

1. All products are sold “AS IS” to the customer and is intended for off-road use only. We will not be responsible for any customer’s action once the item is considered sold. An item is considered sold once full payment is received.

2. All sales are final, it is the buyer responsibility for determining the suitability of the item for their car. If you are unsure please contact us with a picture of your car and the item interested. We do not offer any exchange or refund, please check with us before any purchase. If there was any refund, we require 20% restocking fee, as all items are custom made/special order. Exchange is only available when item is faulty and the buyer must contact us before any exchange is made.

3. We are willing to assist in any installation of our products, if you did not purchase the items directly from X Racing, then you will need to contact the person you bought the item from. All fibreglass parts must be trial fitted before installation and paint. We are not responsible for owner’s installation and modications.

4. Please ensure all bodykits are installed by professional body kit shops. If you install your own body kit then we are not responsible for any fitments discrepancies. If you are unsure of a good body shop or installer we can recommend you in some major cities. X Racing is not responsible to any modifications that may need to be done before the bodykit can be fitted on.

5. All aftermarket body styling parts are made out of fibreglass, which are different from OEM plastics materials. Items may require slight modifications for perfect fitment. Modifications may include sanding, patch ups, cutting, adding or removing reinforcement brackets or bars, shaving or putty etc. We highly recommend buyers to NOT attempt any fitments and take the work to professional body shops for painting and fitting. Please note that different shops will charge different prices and different shops will have different skills in installing bodykits, always choose a installation shop who have dealt with fibreglass. We are not responsible to buyers who attempt fitting or painting and injure themselves.

6. All orders require at least 50% of total amount due so we can prepare your order. For all gullwing doors and special order items we require 100% payment. All buyers must refer to payment details for all instructions to follow after payment is made. If instructions are not followed and orders are delayed, the buyer bares all responsibilities. Once payment is made and item ordered for special orders there are no refunds available. This applies to all Lay-by payments as well.

7. All quoted prices are valid for 14 (fourteen) working days and are subject to change without notice. Prices are supply only, does not include any paint and fit. Prices do not include any mesh, rods or other accessories on the bodykits. These are available at additional cost.

8. Purchase directly from X Racing and save middleman costs. We do NOT offer any dealerships or sell on ebay, so if you buy from someone who claims they are selling on behalf of X Racing, you are responsible for all risk, we do not pay any responsiblities for any payments.

9. All prices quoted are FINAL, do not compare our products with other companies, if you find a better deal by all means take up the offer. You may compare our quality, service and efficiency but please do not compare price.

10. X Racing offers better deals to buyers who buy in bulk, discounts apply when you purchase a quantity of 10 or more of the same item, or purchased as a package.

11. All Specials quoted on our website are already trade discounts. There will be no further discounts to trade companies.

12. All Monthly Specials are valid for one month only, from 1st to the 30th/31st of the month (February 1st to 28th/29th). If you do not make purchase within this month do not ask for the same deal in the following month. You could enquire about Lay-By, and if approved you have 8 weeks to complete transaction, deposits are non-refundable, but can be used to purchased other items in our shop.

13. All prices quoted are supply only, any fit and paint jobs can be organised at additional cost only if you are located in Sydney. Any interstate purchase are supply only, painting cannot be organised as the items might get scratched during transit.

14. All prices quoted are pick up prices only and does not include shipping and packaging. Shipping and packaging will be quoted when you provide postcode, suburb and item(s) you would like to purchase. Customers may check the Shipping/Packaging section of our website for more shipping charges and costs. We are not responsible for any “lost”, “damages” or “delays” in shipping from couriers, please make sure your address is attended to ensure fast delivery. Always purchase shipping insurance to cover for any lost or damages.

15. The buyer is responsible for understanding that our bodykits are fr “show/exhibition” only and may not be approved for street use or approved by RTA regulations. So its best to check with RTA before any purchase for your own piece of mind.

16. All pictures/photos remain the property of X Racing. If you would like to use our pictures please inform us and we will give permission.

17. Please note as this website is created by human being, and at times there may be mistakes in say description or picture, before completing purchase you may send picture of the item to confirm. Also any correction of mistakes in the website is welcomed.
Quote: “How much you pay how much you get. Price equals quality, cheap price = cheap quality”